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Musicats Presents
"My Weirdbook" Photo and Poster Gallery

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Specials and new arrivals

Well, I have had this scrapbook, called "My Weirdbook", which contains a lot of really unusual stuff, for quite a long time now.  Since the advent of the computer in my life I have had scant time to work on it, however one day I realized, whilst browsing about on eBay - right-clicking on and saving images of interesting stuff - that I had begun yet ANOTHER collection of "weird".

This section will be devoted to many things - oddities around the web, photos of really strange (or really funny) things, the unusual, the odd, the WEIRD.  I think this is going to also be a gallery of my own photos - I, depending upon who you ask, am a photographer.  My photos tend towards nature and critters (MEN are included in this category!), but I also take photos of interesting faces.  I am into Renaissance Faires, so you may find some Elizabethan or piratical things here, too.  There may also be some photos of my favorite places or things, and "neat stuff" I have collected from around the web.  Suffice it to say, this is the GALLERY section of the site, consisting of sights you may never see (or maybe ever HOPE to see) anywhere else!

I have also joined up with as an affiliate, so I will be offering some interesting, unusual, amusing, and amazing posters for sale.  You will find the posters mixed in with the rest of the gallery.  The only category that is different is "Best Sellers" which has the twenty five best sellers from and does not necessarily have subjects of particular personal interest (except that it is intriguing to see what the average internet junkie likes to buy!).

So have fun wandering around browsing through all the pics!  Be patient...  This is a huge amount of stuff, so it may take some time to gather it all together and get it organized into a slick-working website.  I will probably put things up in dribs and drabs.  There's stuff up here now - But be warned - THERE IS MORE TO COME!

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